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Undertow is a durational dance performance. The dancing technique of this piece is inspired by butoh dance.

By viewing the full three hour version of this dance performance one can think of the words acceptance, space, insecurity, self reflection ...etc


Music is functioning as an effect in which supports the ambiguity of the performance while giving enouch space to the dance language. 

Music is made of overtone scales performed  by cello, white and pink noise, momentary attack and sustains of piano and finally electronical manipulations of the recordings.


play and art direction by Cammy Mai Tran

music and co-art direction by Kaveh Vares

glass lense and projection by Marc Barreda

costume by Candy Choi

cello by Maya Fridman

piano by Kaveh Vares

Photo by: Mathilde Jansen (

with special thanks to Mariola Dengler & LTart2014

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